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ChoiceScript Tutorial


ChoiceScript Tutorial Part 1: How Do I Start?!

No better place to start than from the very begining, eh?

First thing you need to do is download the necessary files from this page.

The latest version should be right under the title "Trying it out". Clicking the link will download a zip file of everything you need.

Next, open the file you downloaded and extract the folder in it to someplace you'll remember it (like your desktop).

Now, when you open that folder, there's a bunch of confusing stuff in there. You probably won't need to touch most of it, so don't worry. For now, just open up the "web" folder....

Then the "mygame" folder...

These are the only files that you should really be tampering with, unless you want to get into the really advanced stuff. Let's stick to the basics for now, though. Here's what's in there:

  • "Scenes" contains everything that actually shows up in your game. You'll be working in here most of the time.

    • "Index.html" is what you click on to play your game. You're going to want to change a few things in here, like the title of your game and the contact email, but it's fine the way it is for now.

      • "Mygame.js" is where your scenes and variables are declared. Anytime you want to put in a variable that exists for your entire game, you're going to have to list it here. Your scenes don't need to be listed here, but those that are will be loaded in order everytime a scene ends with *finish.